RPG Theory and Topics

A collection of articles about various concepts in role-playing games.


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Why RPG Theory has a Bad Rep

Tactics & Stategy in Game Design

Layers of Design


Threefold Debates

These articles cover what could be considered the starting point for what are (or were) very popular theories of role-playing including history and my own thoughts on their effectiveness and outcomes.



An approach to realistic modeling of firearms in role-playing games. A practical example of the concepts presented for HERO System can be found here.


Interaction Model

One my earliest efforts, this model was an attempt to focus discussion upon what was and was not acceptable in-game events for role-playing groups.


Elements of Game Design

I wrote a column for a short time (2002 to 2003) at www.rpgnet.com that was focused on concepts related to the design of highly detailed tactical rpgs. Those articles are reprinted here where they are not part of the collected series from my blog.

This was to be the next article, but it was unpublished.

The following are other articles that would have fit into that format